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Chiara Atik: I don't want this to sound mean. →



Have you ever been standing in line behind a woman with like, perfect, perfect, Kate Middleton-y hair that goes all the way down to her shoulder blades? And as you shuffle along, inching closer to the bathroom/post office window/box office, do you ever find yourself wondering whether she…

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thekittencovers:Tom Kitty and the Heartscratchers


Tom Kitty and the Heartscratchers

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Actor Andrew Garfield enjoys a book and some lunch by himself at a restaurant in Chelsea

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aesalazar:It really bothers me that Dorie Anisman doesn


It really bothers me that Dorie Anisman doesn

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Australia Trip: Pre-Australia Trip Post #1 →

Last night I bought my tickets for the flight to Melbourne and made my hotel reservation. I’m really excited about this trip! I’m leaving Nashville on May 30th and will arrive in Melbourne on June 1st. There is an extra day that I am “losing” in there, and the flight takes roughly 24 hours….

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NOH8ER's BLOG: Nicola Roxon Must Resign →


Interview with Christine Assange on ABC Radio Australia Wednesday April 18th 2012 9am (Melbourne).



Phil Kafkaloudes:

Well, for nearly a year and a…

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‘Why?’: Remembering Nina Simone’s Tribute To The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Three days after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, performer Nina Simone and her band played at the Westbury Music Festival on Long Island, N.Y. They performed “Why? (The King of Love is Dead),” a song they had just learned, written by their bass player Gene Taylor in reaction to King’s death.

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